Ciao, I’m Therese. It’s a pleasure to meet you.


Ciao ThereseI am a multidisciplinary designer, model, aerialist and yogi brewed up in Sydney, Australia. I like the colour yellow, eating peanut butter straight outta the jar and riding bicycles. Oh, and flying. I guess that’s why I’m obsessed with aerials.

Recently I packed up my life in Sydney and headed for the hills, or in this case volcanoes, and now reside in sunny Nicaragua. Here I am expanding my mind into the realm of natural and passive building techniques, permaculture, organic and macrobiotic food, farm to table processes, fermentation, yoga, meditation and healing techniques. I have also sunk my teeth into two projects that are combating the current unsustainable “system” or “matrix” that we are inherently plugged into and are focused on making new lifestyle methodology accessible to others.

Momentom Collective is a new business model that incorporates in-house skill sharing among co-creators to equip them with a platform to launch their own branch of the business with minimal overheads, liberating them to live the life they want to lead each and every day in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way. The Momentom Collective team all have one common interest – yoga and cirque arts, along with an understanding and passion for how they can be used to build community and aid conflict resolution. The business model allows each member to run their own business, feed back to a collective pool for shared resourcing (both energetically and financially) as well as financially support the NGO that the entire model is formed under. With the common grounds of yoga and cirque arts, we are liberated to incorporate play, training, teaching and performance into our every day lives, all while having the opportunity to live on the beach, work from cafe’s, travel, and take our branch of the business in any direction our heart desires. I am the in-house Marketing & Artistic Direction Manager, and “unicorn dangler” (aerial silks artist).

Traveling alongside me is my trusty Macbook Pro along with its software tools, enabling me to work on projects across the globe. I am a qualified Interior Designer with a Marketing and Web Design background. I work closely with businesses to realise their branding potential, which I help to translate across conceptual strategy, graphic representation, physical design and online promotion.

During my time off, I like to fly and play. I perform and teach aerial arts, yoga and acroyoga. You can also find me in front of the lens as a freelance model for artistic and editorial photoshoots.

I’m always looking for new challenges large and small, so touch base, follow me (preferably the social media type, not the physical stalker type of following), link in with me or come find me at Playa Marsella and let’s collaborate!



Concept Direction
Interior Design
Architectural Drafting & Documentation
3D Projection Renderings
Graphic Design
Environmental Graphics
Logo Design
Flyer Design
Website Design
SEO Consultation
Photo Editing


Bachelor of Design {Interior Design}
Majoring in Sustainable Design, Global Context, Design Management, Design and Ideas, Digital Environments, Major Proposal in adaptive reuse and urban regeneration
Achievements: High Distinction average, Awarded top grades in graduating school for major design proposal
Advanced Diploma of Interior Design
Achievements: Head of Promotions + Publicity team for 2012 Graduate Exhibition, Awarded the Lynn Richards award for Visual Communication 2012, Runner up for graduate exhibition design 2012, Winning proposal for redesign of campus courtyard 2010
Advanced Diploma of Marketing
Certificate IV in Fitness
AUSTSWIM Swimming Instructor Certification